The Malkani Group of Companies is a well-diversified business consortium, with interests in Hospitality, Aviation, Architectural Consultancy and Real Estate.

Mr. H G Malkani, Promoter, an eminent Architect of the 60's to 90's era, founded the group and propelled the design principles, behind the brand, from its very inception.

The group's first hospitality venture is Hotel Transit at Mumbai Airport, which was initially aimed at catering to the "Transit", needs of travellers that emerged during the Gulf Boom. Hotel Transit, established in 1974 with just 17 rooms, is one of the hallmarks of the company. Today, the boutique residency has grown to 54 rooms and is one of Mumbai's premier niche hotels, and has been in operations for over the past 4 decades.

Mr. Bharat Malkani currently heads the group, and over the years has established himself as a cutting-edge entrepreneur. He is currently the President of the FHRAI - Federation of Hotels and Restaurant Association of India, Western Region. His three-decade experience in the hospitality sector has been the driving force behind the T24 initiative.

The others driving the team include:
Mrs. Bindiya Malkani, Chairperson
Mrs. Jyoti Malkani, Director
Mr. Pravin Malkani, Director

The T24 Residency originates from the group's foray into the Hospitality sector in the glorious 70's era. The ethos of customer service with a personal touch is embedded in the DNA of all our properties and has manifested, in a modern context in the T24 Residency.

T24 Residency will take you back to indulgent and personalized service standards, adapted to suit the modern urban traveller.

Small details account for a great deal of comfort and keeping this in mind, the theme of "personalization" was adopted for the T24 Residency.

We extend our comforts not only to your stay and leisure, but also to your travel to and from the hotel, your check-in experience, to providing you with a pillow of your choice, and toiletries customized to your taste, to name a few.