ECO Practices

Combining luxury with responsibility, T24 Residency demonstrates sensitivity towards energy conservation, pollution and other environmental concerns by promoting eco-friendly initiatives. T24 Residency is equipped with various systems and processes aimed at environmental conservation and improving the overall quality experience for our guests:
Electrical power based systems have been selected based up on considerations of savings in power consumption and efficient output.

Double glazed windows: T24 Residency has a double-glazed window system on the building façade. This system affords a two-fold advantages; saving electrical power due to reduction in heat transmission into the building and sound insulation due to non-transmission of external noise into the Guest Rooms.

In addition, all guest rooms are fitted with curtains that blank out light and prevent transfer of heat into the guest rooms thereby reducing the load on the air-conditioning system.

Air-conditioning System: T24 Residency is equipped with an advanced eco evolution type air-conditioning system that combines energy efficiency and respect for the environment by using cleaner technologies. The Compressors and Inverters are an industry leading energy saving innovation. In combination, they provide an improved level of operational performance and energy efficiency whilst maintaining the required comfort levels. With lower power consumption, the Inverters save electricity and also eliminate power surges thereby increasing the safety of the System. The System uses a non-ozone depleting type and environment friendly refrigerant.

Overall, the system is energy saving, environment friendly and offers improved standard of indoor air quality, operational safety and low operating sound levels.

Lightning Majority of the lighting provisions at T24 Residency incorporate LED type lamps. LED type lighting fixtures utilize lower electrical power and therefore conserve energy.

Lighting fixtures in passages, public areas and toilets are controlled by motion detector sensors. This ensures that the lights are operational only during the period that these areas are occupied, thereby optimizing use of electric power and promoting energy conservation.

Enhanced Key Tag Electrical power supply in Guest rooms is initiated through the use of electronic key tags. Electrical power supply is automatically switched-off when the tag is removed.

A significant reduction in energy consumption has been achieved at T24 Residency by deployment of these measures.

Sewage Treatment To avoid discharge of untreated waste water into the drainage system, T24 Residency operates a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). The process for the treatment for of waste water is chemical-free and generates water usable for irrigation, gardening, etc.

Losses during treatment are controlled to a minimum. The quantity of treated sewage water output is minimum @85% of input quantity. The STP is compact, low in power consumption and smell free. The system is energy efficient and easy to maintain.

Rain Water Harvesting: The rain water run-off from the roof tops / terraces of the T24 Residency building is collected through the Rain Water Harvesting System (RWHS) and is used for re-charging ground water.

This process is aimed at increasing the ground water levels and decreasing the salinity of the ground water in the long term.

The water collected from the RWHS is used for secondary purposes. The RWHS is a step towards water conservation and re-charge of ground water sources.

Reduction in use of Paper: T24 Residency has made conscious efforts to reduce paper consumption by promoting the re-use of printed sheets and eliminating paper usage for brochures, flyers, WC seal bands, etc.

Re-cycling Wet Garbage Biodegradable wet garbage is composted and utilized in the plantations in and around T24 Residency, thereby promoting re-cycling of organic waste and eliminating the dependence on chemical fertilisers.

Other Green Initiatives

  • T24 Residency has retained a majority of the mature trees around the property. These trees attract a number of bird species including parrots, mynas, etc.
  • Plantations have been developed on the open spaces in and around the property. In addition to providing a green cover, these help in increasing the re-generation of oxygen.

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